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Yoga in India

Yoga is a complete subject which refers to the traditional mental and physical disciplines. Yoga is an ancient art which is still practiced at a large in India and also in rest of the world. Yoga can help humans in several ways. Yoga includes asana which are the traditional exercises that help keeping body healthy and fit. Yoga is also a type of therapy which cures numerous diseases in a natural way. Meditation and pranayams are integral part of yoga that helps in concentration.
» Asanas
Asanas is the major part of yoga. They are actually some physical exercises that keep body fit. It is one of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga...more...
» Dharna and Dhyan
The limbs of Dharna and Dhyan of Raja Yoga are of great importance. A simple yoga starts with them only. Dharna means concentration at one point of mind.more...
» Niyama
Niyama is one of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga. It is a lesson of yoga that talks about religious observance. It talks about making a commitment...more...
» Pranayama
Pranayama is the series of breathing control exercises. Pran {(life) breath} + Ayam {control (maintenance & regulation through exercises)}...more...
» Pratayahara
Pratayahara is one of the eight principles that raja yoga talks about. It is the principle that talks about abstraction of senses. This principle is requiring huge...more...
» Samadhi
Samadhi is taking up a single posture to concentrate and meditate to integrate mind with nature and God. Samadhi is the one of the eight limbs of raja yoga...more...
» Yama
Yoga in India is divided in six types. Patanjali, the father of yoga, described 8 limbs of Raja Yoga (one of the six types) as ashtayoga and Yama being one of them...more...
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