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White Rumped Shama

The White rumped Shama is a small bird belonging to the family Muscicapidae. These birds basically belong to South Asia.
The White rumped Shama typically weighs between 28 and 32 grams and measures around 25 centimeters in length. These birds have a slim build and long tails with properly divided feathers. Males are shiny black with a brown belly and white feathers on the rump and the outermost parts of the tail. Females are generally smaller than the males, and have a more grayish brown tinge with a light colored belly. A significant feature of this bird is its melodious voice. These birds are also very shy in nature.

The White rumped Shamas diet consists of insects such as grasshoppers, termites, grubs, caterpillars and fruit. The young ones are mainly fed with insects and earthworms.
Browse By Famous Catagories
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