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Wajid Ali Shah

Wajid Ali Shah was the tenth and last nawab of Awadh, presently known as Uttar Pradesh. He was bon in 1822. In 1847, he ascended the throne of Awadh and ruled for nine years. On February 7, 1856, his kingdom was annexed by the British. The Nawab lived in Matiyaburj, then a suburb of Kolkata for the rest of his life. Apart from being a nawab, he was also a poet, dancer and a playwright. He is credit for the revival of Kathak as a major form of classical Indian dance.
Wajid Ali Shah under his pen name ‘Qaisar’ wrote countless poems, prose, ragas, playwrights and ghazals. He passed away in 1887, while his mausoleum lies at the Imambara Sibtenabad, in Matiyaburj.
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