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The Islamic Sultanates

The Islamic Sultanates in India were inclusive of Delhi Sultanate, Southern Sultanates, as well as the Mughal era. The Delhi Sultanate was established by Qutub-ud-din Aibak and saw 5 dynasties rule over the span of 300 years. The Dynasties that ruled during the Delhi Sultanate phase are inclusive of the Slave Dynasty, Khalji Dynasty, Tughlaq Dynasty, Sayyid Dynasty as well as Lodi Dynasty.

On the other hand, the southern sultanates were inclusive of the Bahamani and Deccan Sultanates that were initially attached to the Delhi Sultanate, and later on declared independence. In fact, even the state of Hyderabad would be included as one of the Southern Sultanate.

The opulence era of the Mughals is the most noted period comprising the Islamic sultanates. During this phase, all the art forma reached their pinnacle under the qualified patronage of the Mughals. Some of its reminders of which are preserved in the museums.
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