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The Changing Face of Beauty And Fashion In India

From herbal beauty products to exquisitely embroidered clothes, Indian trends of beauty and fashion have been well known for ages. And now, the scene is no longer predominantly traditional. Fashion and beauty in India are in sync with its cosmopolitan nature. And it is not just the change in taste that’s conspicuous; the Indian consciousness is finally taking beauty and fashion as a serious matter.

It is true that a western style of dressing has become prominent. But the traditional salwar kameez and saris are not to be outdone. To understand the sartorial style of the country which, by the way, can be called a healthy mixture of the modern and the traditional, you can visit any busy place, especially shopping areas and college campuses. You will see myriad fashion statements that range from the elegant to the eclectic. Denim pants, shorts, tee shirts, tank tops and stilettos co-exist with salwar kameez, flowing skirts, kurtas, pajamas and kolhapuri chappals.

Experimentation seems to be the name of the game as far as accessories are concerned. The traditional nose-ring is now accompanied by belly-button rings and piercing in various body parts like tongue and eyebrows. Tattoos are also gaining popularity each day.

Apart from clothes, beauty products are also witnessing an encounter between western and eastern trends. Though India has always been famous for its herbal skincare and hair care products like henna, amla, reetha, sandalwood and shikakai, the average Indian of today is likely to have them on their shelves along with an array of cosmetics belonging to international brands.

As a profession, fashion and beauty in India may have been relegated to second-class status some years ago. Now they are careers which a lot of youngsters are pursuing ardently. Many people nowadays would rather be a fashion designer, a beautician, a model or a stylist instead of the usual fare like doctor, engineer and such like. Fashion weeks and beauty pageants are held every year and beauty parlors and salons abound in numbers. There is no doubt that fashion and beauty is now a part and parcel of Indian lifestyle.


Beauty and fashion are now an important part of the average Indian’s life. Fusion and experimentation are the norm. Nowadays, people are also taking these two fields as serious career options.

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