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Telugu Wedding

Telugu people are quite spiritual and hence there wedding involves various rituals. Spirituality is the primary “ritual” in their wedding. Due to various communities Telugu ritual followed in weddings can be different but the major and basic rituals remain common in every Telugu wedding.
Following rituals are followed in a Telugu Wedding:

Pre Wedding Rituals
  • Muhurtam
  • Pendlikoothuru Ceremony
  • Snathakam Ritual
  • Kashi Yatra
  • Mangala Snaanam Custom
  • Aarti
  • Ganesh and Gauri puja
Wedding Rituals
  • Kanyadaan
  • Jeelakarra Bellamu
  • Madhuparkam
  • Sumangli
  • Tying of the Mangalsutra
  • Kanya Daan Akshata Ceremony
  • Saptapadi
  • Sthaalipaakam Custom
Post Wedding Rituals
  • Grihapravesh Ceremony
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