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Sravanbelagola Temple

Situated at a distance of around 100 km from Mysore in Karnataka, Sravanabelagola Temple is a great centre for the Jain culture. This is a Jain pilgrimage place which is famous for its colossal statue of Lord Gomateshwara also known as Lord Bahubali. The statue is 17 metres high and is visible from even a distance of 20 km. the statue of the Lord is placed on a hill called Vindhyagiri which gives it the name Sravanabelagola which means “monk on top of the hill”.
The chief festival of the place is called the Maha Mashaka Abhisheka when the head of the statue is anointed with thousands of gallons of milk, honey and precious herbs which are then collected at the base as they are considered to acquire powerful blessings. This festival takes place every 12-14 years according to astrological positions.
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