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Sports in India: Exposing India's Obsession

India has hosted many renowned games and is busy decorating New Delhi, the capital city, for the oncoming Common Wealth Games 2008. This shows the Indians taste and passion towards sports. In India, sports are played from ancient time by rulers and emperors. The government has set objectives to preserve sports as cultural heritage of India by promoting consciousness among people.

Hockey is the national sport of India and has an impressive record of winning Olympic gold medals eight times. The other popular sports in India are cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, kabaddi, chess etc. The victory of Indian cricket team of World Cup in 1983 and 1997, are glorious event to be remembered. Vishwanath Anand, grandmaster in chess brought pride to Indian players by defeating his global competitors. Apart from this international sports agenda many are restricted and played in villages and specific locals, example: wrestling is developed with free local styles and taught in traditional gymnasia with packed mud floors. The culture of sports in India is spreading with a steady pace. Many sports are in the verge of being extinct. To protect and preserve such sports government are implementing policies.

Government is providing sophisticated technologies to players to groom for world class competitions. Moreover, with the introduction of new equipments, training and coaching, hope exist that India will able to improve in various aspect of sports. After, the Asian games in New Delhi, government have recognized and approved such provisions to the players.

To encourage and promote sports and sportsperson, various state level and national level competitions are held. Participants from near or remote areas flock towards the venues and perform their best dexterity.

Among many sports some carry regional or cultural importance. The boat racing, camel riding, horse riding, swimming are some that are played at festival seasons. These sports have also become reasons of tourist attractions. Every year tourist from all around the world gathers to enjoy these sports and add flavor in their lives.

Summary: Sports is regarded as tradition and culture of Indian society. India has earned numerous medals in sports and trying to purge.

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