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Special Marriage Act

The Special Marriage Act came into force in 1954 and was specially made for those Indians who live abroad so that they do not face any problems when it comes to international laws of marriage. For a marriage to be legalised, the following conditions are necessary to be fulfilled:

  • The male should be at least 21 years and female 18 years of age so as to legalise the wedding.

  • Either of them should not have any living spouse present.

  • Both of them should be of sound mental health and capable of giving consent to marriage.

  • Neither should be mentally unstable and be able to produce children.

  • Insanity or epilepsy should not be a health problem.

  • Both of them should not be in a prohibited relationship.

  • If the marriage takes place in Jammu and Kashmir, both parties should belong to the area where this act extends and not beyond that.

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