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Skin Care

To maintain a healthy looking natural skin, it is very important that a proper skin care regime is followed. On all accounts should this be incorporated in your routine. However, it is also important that the products which are used are suited to your skin type. The following steps should be followed daily to get a healthy and glowing skin:

  • Cleansing of the skin: this step is very essential for the skin as all the dirt and dust and other pollutants that the skin is exposed to, should be washed away. For this, a mild cleansing face wash should be used so that there is no abrasion as well as the natural oils are also not washed away.

  • Toning of the skin: for further cleansing of the skin, toning is very important. For this, a good alcohol-free toner can be used. Toning also helps in tightening of the skin and closes all pores that are opened in the cleansing process.

  • Moisturising: hydration is very important for the skin like our body. A daily sunscreen should be used for the hydration and protection of the skin. A suitable night cream is also required to repair all damages incurred during the day.
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