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Sindhi Wedding

Sindhi Wedding is a lavish affair. Sindhi Weddings are generally arranged and are fixed up taking the help of third party negotiations. A priest decides the right time for the marriage. A traditional Sindhi wedding involves lots of interesting and unique rituals like:
Pre Wedding Rituals
  • Kachchi Misri & Pakki Mishri Ceremony
  • Barana Satsang
  • Mehendi
  • Santh Custom
  • Sangeet party (Lada)
  • Saagri Tradition
  • Ghari Puja
Wedding Rituals
  • Thread Ceremony
  • Swagatam Custom
  • Hathialo Tradition
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Kanya Daan
Post Wedding Rituals
  • Datar Ceremony
  • Chhanar Tradition
  • Sataurah Custom
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