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Shindhuja is a certified practitioner of Feng Shui and Paht Chi from WOFS, Malaysia. Shindhuja has been into professional consultation for the past 4 years. She belongs to the family of astrologers and Vaastu experts. She has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She has learnt the techniques of Feng Shui from well-known Vaastu consultants from Bangalore, Giridhar Nayak and Ramesh Babu.
She has helped a number of people overcome their problems in educational, financial, marital and romantic spheres of life by providing suggestions based on a wide range of techniques, from the simplest Feng Shui gadgets to studying the house floor plan.

Shindhuja makes use of certain techniques to solve the problems of her clients. The methods and techniques that she uses are, ‘Compass School’, ‘Form School’, ‘Eight Mansion’, ‘Flying Star’, ‘Paht Chi’ and many such more techniques.
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