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Seven Vows

The Hindu wedding involves rituals which make the relationship strong for the couple and they are able to live their life with the partner through thick and thin. All phases of life will be crossed with their courage and their togetherness. The seven steps or Saptapadi that the couple have to take signify vows that they take for their partner. Also, the couple have to move seven times around the fire which is the witness for their wedding.

The first vow says that the husband will earn for the family and household and sustain his wife and children. The second vow says that each of them will help the other grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Righteous and proper means will be used to increase wealth, says the third vow. The fourth says to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by way of faith, love and understanding. The fifth vow is to take full responsibility of their children. Longevity and self-control are depicted by the sixth vow. Lastly, truthfulness, loyalty are signified by the seventh vow.
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