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Rivers in India: streams of faith

India is a land of great physical diversity with its mountains, plateaus, valleys, waterfalls, etc. Such a large country in area is bound to have these various physical features. But rivers in the country hold a special place in the lives of the people. There are many rivers in India and most of them do a lot more than just supply water to people.

Since ancient times, rivers have held a very important position in one's lives. These are considered holy, especially according to the Hindu mythology. At all big occasions, people go and take a dip in rivers like Ganga so as to purify their souls. Also, there are other rivers too in various parts of the country which have some mythological importance or the other and therefore are considered holy.

Also, India being an agricultural country, a major role is played by these rivers in providing irrigation to the fields. If it would not have been for these rivers like Yamuna, Kosi, Ganga, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Kaveri etc, India would not have been flourishing. The water for irrigation of all the crops is provided by the rivers itself.

Other than the religious importance and irrigation, there is a lot more that is provided by the rivers. It is an important means of transportation. Also, electricity is provided by these rivers to a large population. Also, it is a source of employment to a number of people. Even tourism is promoted to a great extent by these rivers. A lot of adventure sports are being done in these rivers which has made them an attraction for tourists.

The rivers of India have a special place in the hearts of the people, so much so that they even worship them. A glimpse of the beautiful landscaping that these rivers have would enchant any one and attract them towards the culture of the country all the more.

There are numerous rivers in India and each of them has its own special importance. These rivers are considered holy, provide a living to the people, and provide electricity to the population etc.

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