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The major rivers of India originate from one of the three major watersheds- the Himalaya and the Karakoram ranges, Vindhya and Satpura range and the Sahyadri or Western Ghats. The rivers that originate from the Himalayas are snow-fed and flow throughout the year. The other two watersheds depend on monsoon and dries up during dry season.

Among the Indian rivers, twelve of them are classified as major. Ganga, Yamuna, Indus, Gomti and Brahmaputra originate from the Himalaya ranges. The Chambal, Narmada and Tapti rivers are the major rivers that originate from the Vindhya-Satpura range. The Western Ghats are the origins of all the Deccan Rivers that includes the Mahanadi, Godavari River, Krishna River, and Kaveri River.
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