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Qutb Minar and its Monuments, Delhi

The Qutb Minar is located in the southern parts of Delhi. It was built in the early 13th century by Qutubuddin Aybak. The height of this red sandstone tower is 72.5m, pointing from 14.32m in diameter at its base to 2.75m at its peak. The monument that surrounds the minar includes the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque, the outstanding Alai-Darwaza Gate, the Alai Minar, the iron pillar and the masterpiece of Indo-Muslim art.
Qutb Minar is one of the tallest brick minarets in the world and is a significant example of Indo-Islamic architecture. Inside the Minar, there are 379 steps leading to its top storey. On the tower there are a number of Arabic inscriptions revealing the story of Qutb.
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