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Putiram’s Sweets

Putiram’s Sweets is famous for its ‘Raj Bhog’ and salty food. ‘Putiram’ has virtually made this ‘Raj Bhog’ and ‘Dal Puri’ as his specialty. ‘Raj Bhog’ is basically an unparalleled sweetmeat of Bengal.
The word ‘Raj Bhog’ actually means ‘royal meal’. This is so named because it is a classic sweet dish and is prepared in a grand way. A divine odor is emitted from the petals of roses, which are then specially processed with about fifteen different ingredients. Then it is boiled thoroughly. It is more than a normal Rosogolla in a container of syrup.

Putiram’s sweets shop is also famous for ‘Chop Sandesh’, ‘Biscuit Sandesh’ and ‘Aam Sandesh’.
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