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Post Wedding Functions

After the main wedding ceremony has concluded, there are still some rituals left that have to be performed. The main out of these is the blessing ceremony of the couple who is newly wed. Every guest comes to them individually and blesses them. This ceremony usually takes place at the venue of the wedding itself.

When the girl departs from the wedding place to her new abode, she is welcomed with an ‘aarti’ which is a prayer done before they enter. The mother-in-law does this ritual. The bride then enters the house with her right foot first with which she knocks over a vial full of rice or grain. This is considered to be auspicious as the bride is considered to be Goddess Lakshmi and will be bring prosperity to the household. After these rituals, there are some playful events too that happen. Small games are kept for the bride and the groom and it is decided who will rule over the other by the result of those games.
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