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Philosophy in India

Indian philosophy all through the ages has had a remarkable influence on world thought, in particular in the east. The chain of development of philosophy spans over 2500 years inclusive of numerous schools of philosophy inclusive of Hinduism and Buddhism. The long span of development of Indian philosophy has given birth to the oldest and most dominant secular traditions. Owing to this fact, India is often 'mystical' country.

In fact, India is credited with some of the complex scientific as well as mathematical thoughts that would include the concept of zero which later on traveled to Europe through Arab travellers. The period around 500 BCE is marked a huge leap in both Indian and world philosophy, with contemporaneous Greek schools emerging simultaneously.

A diverse number of religious thinkers inclusive of Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and many more during the phase of Indian struggle for independence gave a new definition to the political philosophy that now forms the basis for the modern Indian democracy, liberalism as well as secularism.
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