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Partition of India

Partition of India refers to the division of the British India Empire into the independent dominions of India and Pakistan (inclusive of East Bengal that later declared independence as Bangladesh). The charge of the government was handed over in Karachi a day earlier i.e. on August 14th 1957 so that the then Governor-General, Lord Mountbatten could attend the ceremonies in both dominions. The border and sectioned to be partitioned was decided upon by a British Commissioned report known as the Radcliffe Line by Sir Cyril Radcliffe.

The concept of Partition has roots in the struggle of freedom, wherein some of the Muslim leader demanded for a separate state that is densely Muslim populated. This notion is believed to have transpired by the idea of ‘divide and rule policy’ that was imbibed by the Britishers in the formulation of their policies.

Subsequent to the separation of the dominion of Pakistan and India, the 2 were supposed to follow the guidelines of the Government Act of 1935, wherein the state would be a Federal State with different state governments responsible to the Centre.
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