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Parsi Wedding

Parsi Wedding is also called as Lagan. Parsis are very simple people and hence is their wedding practices. Parsi people look close to the Christianity. But it can be noticed in a Parsi Wedding that rituals are the combination of practices being done in a Hindu, Muslim and Christian wedding. But their simple wedding doesn’t mean that it’s silent. Parsi weddings are full of joy and music. Parsi weddings are also famous for good wine and dining.
Parsis practice the following rituals:

Pre-Wedding Rituals:
  • Rupia Peravanu
  • Madhavsaro
  • Adarni
  • Supra nu Murat
  • Nahan
Wedding Rituals:
  • Achumichu
  • Ara Antar
  • Chero Bandhvanu
  • Haath Borvanu
Post-Wedding Rituals:
  • Reception party
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