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Pahari Paintings

Pahari Painting is a form of Indian painting, which developed and flourished during 17th-19th centuries in certain sub-Himalayan areas of India, particularly Himachal Pradesh. The breathtaking landscapes of the mountain ranges inspired artists. And they made these the backdrop of their paintings. Pahari paintings were done mostly in miniature forms.
The Pahari painting underwent a lot of modification during its lifetime. Its development can broadly be classified into two distinct schools, i.e., Basohli School and Kangra School. The early stage of development of the Pahari painting started in the mid 17th century. It is in the style of the Basohli School. In this the paintings were made by making use of bright colors. The popular themes were: portraits of local rulers and the Hindu gods and figures from Hindu mythology.

Under Kangra School, the paintings acquired a lyrical style. The painters made use of subdued colors. The most popular themes were the stories and antics of Krishna.
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