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Oscar Movie: Shwaas

Shwaas is an award winning movie made in the Marathi language in India. The movie released in 2004. The film won the national award in that year. It was also India's official entry to the 77th Academy Awards. The movie is directed by Sandeep Sawant. The beauty of the film is that it tells a very human story delicately and humanely. No melodrama, just simple story telling leading to a strong emotional bash at the end. Silences, looks, gestures have been extremely well used in the film.

A villager and his son bring the grandson to a doctor in Mumbai only to learn that the child is a victim of the rare retinoblastoma, a rare retinal cancer. The operation will save his life but leave him blind. The film talks about the grandfather's struggle to accept that the only way to save his grandson is that he'll be blind for life. In one of the various emotions he goes through, it shows how he handles so many different situations, like explaining to the kid what is happening, and his desire to show him everything possible, before he loses the power to see for life.

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