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Oscar Movie: Saudagar

Saudagar was a classic Hindi movie directed by Sudhendu Roy. The movie got released in the year 1973. The main characters in the movie are enacted by Amitabh Bachchan as Moti, Nutan as Majhu Bibi and Padma Khanna as Phool Banu. The many shades of human character are all brought about distinctly. The movie is truly exceptional and outstanding. The movie appears brusque and crude; but it is layered with subtle emotions also.

Moti sells gur (jaggery) in the market. He collects the raw material and takes them to an older woman, Mahjubhi, who makes exemplary gur. Moti loves a village girl but is unable to afford to pay for the dowry expenses to her father. So he decides to marry Mahjubhi. Moti extracts a lot of work from Mahjubhi so that he can save enough money to pay for his marriage expenses. Shortly after he saves enough money, he decides to gives her divorce, accusing her of infidelity. Shortly after that he marries the village girl, and he goes back to his business of selling gur but his business does not flourish and his relations with his wife go sour.

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