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Oscar Movie: Salaam Bombay

Salaam Bombay is a 1988 Hindi film directed by Mira Nair, and written by Sooni Taraporevala. The film chronicles the day-to-day life of children living on the streets of Mumbai. The movie shows the dark side of Mumbai which is otherwise considered to be a scintillating city. The movie is basically a tale of hope and determination. Salaam Bombay was nominated for the Oscars in the category of 'Best foreign film' for the year 1989.
The plot of the movie is very touching. It is the story of Krishna, Manju and other children living hand-to-mouth on the streets of Bombay. Sometimes they can get temporary jobs, but mostly they have to beg for money and keep out of the way of the police. The film depicts their life in the city of Mumbai and how these kids manage to raise themselves in such a grim situation.
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