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Neelgai are the largest of the Asiatic antelopes. Neelgai refers to the bluish color of the adult male, and therefore Blue Bull is another name for the animal. The neelgai, which is the largest Asiatic antelope, can be seen across many areas of India, there are some reserves where sightings are very abundant. These are Sariska, Sultanpur, Ranthambore and Panna.
Adult neelgai weigh about 220 kg, while the cows weigh about 180 kg and calves about 7 kg at birth. The blue-gray adult neelgai have black legs, and some may be brown, particularly younger bulls. Cows and calves are pale brown. All have similar dark and white markings on their ears and legs. Only the males have horns, which are black-colored, short, sharp, and bi curved. Generally, neelgai gives birth to twins.

Neelgai mainly eats woody plants supplemented by agricultural crops. Their diet includes plant parts like, flowers, seeds, fruit, leaves, stem tips.
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