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National Flag

National Flag of India is a tricolor flag. This national symbol was adopted on 22-july-1947. This flag symbolizes the freedom of India. The first prime minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru introduced this flag. The flag is a horizontal tricolor in equal proportions of deep saffron at the top, white in the middle and green at the bottom. At the center i.e. on the white band there is a wheel of navy blue color which is called as Dharma Chakra or Ashoka Chakra. This wheel can be in the national emblem of India. This wheel is called as wheel of law. There are 24 spokes of this wheel. Every color symbolizes some features of India and these colors also indicate the religious colors. The saffron stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation. The white color is for purity and truth. The green is for faith and fertility.
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