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Narmada River

River Narmada is the fifth largest river in Indian Subcontinent. Narmada is a Sanskrit word meaning one who endows the bliss. River Narmada flows in the central India through the states of Madhya Pradesh (The heart of India), Gujrat and Maharashtra. This river forms a traditional boundary between North India and South India.
According to Hindu Mythology, River Narmada, descended from the sky as per the orders of Lord Shiva. This river is also called by the name of Shankari (Shiva’s daughter) since it is believed to have originated from the body of Lord Shiva.

On the banks of this holy river there are many pilgrimages like Maheshwar, Mahadeo and Omkareshwar, named after Lord Shiva. The worship of Shiva is common in these areas, and each stone or pebble found in the bed of the Narmada is believed to be a Shivalinga. Narmada is considered as the peace giver.
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