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Muthuswami Dikshitar

Muthuswami Dikhshitar, a Carnatic Vocalist was born in the year 1775 in Tiruvarur. He composed about 500 compositions that are sung at performances by Carnatic vocalists even today. Being a Brahmin boy, Muthuswami Dikhistar learned Vedas, Sanskrit and other religious texts. The preliminary education in music was received by Dikshitar under his father’s presence. Majority of his compositions are in Sanskrit and in Krithi form. He was well-versed in playing Veena instrument that is reflected in his various compositions.
He imparted his music knowledge to 4 dancer disciples, who later on composed a set of 9 songs in gratitude of their guru. These disciples are known as ‘Tanjore Quartet’, and are remembered for composing music for Bharatnatyam form of dance.
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