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Muslim Marriage Act

In the secular country India, law has provided the freedom to all religions that they may have their personal laws to govern the marriages and divorces that happen in their particular community. According to the Muslim Marriage Act, a person is eligible to marry after he has crossed the 15 years mark in his age. He is, at that time, considered to have attained puberty. All Muslim weddings are supposed to take place with consent if the person is over 15 years of age.

Also, the Muslim Marriage Act provides that a Muslim can have maximum of four wives provided he treats them equally. It is not necessary to perform any religious ceremonies to prove his wedding. The registration is proof enough. Presence of a priest is not required. In presence of two normal men or one man and two normal women, a male can propose and the female may accept his proposal then and there to get married. The males however can walk out of a marriage by saying Talaq three times over. The females have to face certain conditions if they want divorce from their husbands.
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