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Michael Madhusudan Dutt

Michael Madhusudan Dutt was born on January 25, 1824 in the village of Sagardari in Jessore district, Begal. He belonged to a well to do Kayastha family of East Bengal. His father was a law practitioner in Kolkata. He went to Khidirpur school at the age of 7 and later took admission in the famous Hindu College. There, he studied Bengali, Persian and Sanskrit. He started writing, while he was in college and drew attention of many at college function with one of his self composed poems. Madhusudan aspired to become an Englishman in form, as well as manner. He got converted to Christianity to the fury of his family and took the first name Michael for which he repented later on. Some of his poems and sonnets written in the later part talk passionately about his homeland.
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