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Maruti Gypsy

An all-weather all-terrain car, the Maruti Gypsy is a powerful vehicle which can be relied upon to be driven in any kind of place and weather. Dirt tracks or snowy areas and deserts can be traversed far and wide with the strong structure that it has. The car comes in a soft-bodied and a hard-bodied top.
The car has a 1300 cc petrol engine which is lighter thereby giving it a better control by the driver. The car has a special property of being high on thermal conductivity which means that it can warm up faster in snowy conditions as well as lose heat faster in the desert conditions as well. The ground clearance of 210 mm gives the advantage on the mountains and hills. Also, there is a damper for the steering wheel which gives a protection to the wheel when there are jerks in the way. There are four colours to choose from for the Maruti Gypsy.
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