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Marriages in Different Religion

Various religions have different traditions and rituals that they perform at the time of marriage. Mostly, one can generalise the Indian wedding as a typical Hindu wedding. However, there are other thriving communities too which live here.

The Christians have their weddings in a simple but charming manner. Rings are exchanged between the couple and vows are exchanged in presence of the priest and witnesses. The couple then walks down the aisle as husband and wife. The Sikhs have a different wedding tradition. Unlike the Hindus, they do not consult astrology to date and time of wedding. Also, there are just four rounds that have to be taken rather than seven and that too around their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is called the Anand Karaj.

The Muslims are another thriving community and have their weddings with pomp and show. The Nikaah ceremony sees the bride and groom sitting separately but giving their consent for the wedding. A feast follows later on after the wedding.
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