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Marriage Laws in India

Since India is a secular country and has tolerance for all religions and communities, no one can be denied a right to get married. In fact, different communities have their different laws which govern the marriages and divorce that take place with people of their communities.

The Hindu Marriage Act governs the marriages and divorces that take place in the Hindu community. The law states that the marriage can take place only if the boy is over 21 and the girl is over 18 years of age. Also, the couple should not be in any prohibited relationship like father and daughter, brother and sister, mother and son, etc.

For the Parsees, there is a separate marriage act which was formulated in 1939. Indian Christian Marriage Act came in force in 1889 for the Christians in India. Then there is a Special Marriage Act which came into existence in 1954 and is in itself the registration of marriage. People of any religion can come and get married under this act and get their union registered.
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