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Manipuri dance is one of the major Indian classical dance forms. It originates from Manipur, a state in north-eastern India on the border with Myanmar. The legend behind this dance is that the gods drained a lake in the beautiful countryside in order to find a place to dance.
The dance is an inherent part of the rituals of daily life, such as weddings and homage to ancestors. It was originally only performed in temples and continues to form an integral part of the religious and social life of Manipur. It is only since the early 20th century that Manipuri dance has been presented on stage. Manipuri dance, whether folk, classical or modern, is devotional in nature. The people of Manipur are very religious and are exclusively attached to the Hindu deities Radha and Krishna, who are often the main characters depicted in dance compositions like Ras Lila.

The traditional Manipuri dance style embodies delicate, lyrical and graceful movements.
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