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Mahajanapadas or literally meaning the ‘Great Kingdoms’ saw the emergence of the powerful chieftains enforcing theor riule in theor specific pockets. There were all-together 16 Mahajanapadas. In fact the reference of these Mahajanapdas can also be found in the ancient Buddhist texts such Anguttara Nikaya that make refer to these 16 great kingdoms and republics that developed and flourished in the northern as well as north-western parts of the Indian sub-continent preceding the rise of Buddhism in India. The period of the Mahajanpadas can be taken as 600 BC.

The 16 Mahajanapadas comprised of kingdoms:

  • Kasi
  • Anga
  • Avanti
  • Magadha
  • Chedi
  • Malla
  • Vatsa
  • Kosala
  • Kamboja
  • Kuru
  • Panchala
  • Matsya
  • Surasena
  • Vajji
  • Ashmaka
  • Gandhara
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