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Magadha Dynasties

Subsequent to the rule of the Maurya dynasty, numerous short-spanned dynasties inclusive of Sunga, Kanva as well as Satvahanas did rule the Magadha region. The Sunga Dynasty was founded in the 185 BCE, approximately 50 years after the death of Ashoka death, when the last Mauryan king Brihadratha, was assassinated by the then commander-in-chief, Pusyamitra Sunga. However, the Sungas were replaced by the Kanva dynasty that ruled in the eastern part of India spanning from 71 BCE up to 26 BCE. In 30 the BCE, the southern power took over both the Kanvas as well as Sungas. Soon after the collapse of the Kanva dynasty, the rule over Magadha was replaced by the Satavahana dynasty of the Andhra kingdom under whom the state become extremely powerful.
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