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Madras Cat

Madras Cat is mostly found in the North- eastern parts of India. It can also be spotted in the Corbett National Park. It belongs to the felidae family.
The Madras Cat is 80- 115 cm long and weighs around 4- 8 kg. It has thick, soft, yellow- brownish fur. Its head, neck and limbs are marked with the black spots. Its tail is tipped with the black color and is around 45 cm long. It has relatively short and rounded ears with one large spot on the back. Its eyes are golden in colour and these cats have large canine teeth. The average lifespan of the Madras Cat is around 8- 10 years.

The Madras cat enjoys living in the moist tropical forest. This cat is carnivorous in nature and feeds up on birds, frogs, rats, lizards, squirrels and rodents.
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