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Love Marriage

Every one who has ever tried to define love has given words that express his feelings. The thoughts vary with the people and so do the definitions. While in love, we tend to overlook flaws in the personality of our partners but it is these flaws which surface when we start living with them after marriage.

If we want our love marriage to blossom, then it is required of us to forget all expectations that we have from our love partner and start everything anew. This will instil the element of surprise in our lives and make it exciting. Knowing the partner from a long time surely helps in building the understanding. However, there is still in some corner of our heart, a desire to be pampered and cuddled. Marriage however asks for commitment and effort to run a household and a family and this cannot be done just with love. Commitment, efforts, tolerance, empathy, respect are even more important facets of the institution called marriage.
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