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Love and Arranged Marriages

Since in India, there is a great dependence on the parents for every decision that is made, likewise for marriages too, the choice of the parents matters a lot. This may depend on personal thoughts how a person perceives the idea of marriage. However, the country still follows their traditions and this leads to a greater number being married off through arranged matches rather than love matches.

Initially, before the British rule in India, the concept of love marriage was a complete taboo. However, later on, people started to open up to the idea and began choosing their partners. Such people, even nowadays, may face some problems like disapproval from parents, unequal social status, etc. However, arranged marriages too have various societal pressures like horoscope matching, dowry etc.

Success of a marriage does not depend upon whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage, but on the tolerance of both people involved. it is the respect and empathy that the couple have for each other that makes the relationship a success or a failure.
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