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Long eared Hedgehog

The Long-eared Hedgehog is a species of hedgehog and is native to Central Asian countries and the Caucasus Mountains. They are found in arid deserts and steppes, and they commonly burrow under small bushes.

The length of the head and body of long eared hedgehog is approximately 120-270mm, and the tail is 10-50mm long. The spines have dark brown and white stripes, and the under parts of the hedgehog are whitish. The ears are much larger than those of other hedgehogs.
The Long eared Hedgehog uses grass nests as shelter. It hides away from late October to March. Its life span is about 5-6 years.

The long eared desert hedgehog is omnivorous but feeds mainly on small invertebrates and insects. They eat grasshoppers, beetles, and other insects. They also consume eggs, fruit, vegetables and even small vertebrates such as lizards and snakes.
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