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Tamasha is a form of theatre, which came into existence in the early 16th century in Maharashtra, which includes the love songs i.e. `Lavanis` due to which, this folk art, was very popular among the common people. Tamasha is one of the most awaited folk performances in Maharashtra. Tamasha includes songs and dance along with the musical instruments. Tamasha is associated and performed with two of the communities of Maharashtra, i.e. Kolhati and Mahar.
Apart from the dance sequences, the idea of acrobatic play is also used in it, which is executed, by a female actress. The costumes of the Tamasha players are not fixed costumes, but they are the clothes, which depict the different sections of the Maharashtrian society.

Lavani is one of the most popular forms of dance and music that is practiced all over Maharashtra. It has in fact become a necessary part of the Maharashtrian folk dance performances.
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