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Krishna Chandra Das

Krishna Chandra Das was the only issue of Nabin Chandra Das, a famous sweets maker. He is popularly known as K.C. Das and is the unbeaten king in the world of sweets. He had inherited his father's skill and finesse in preparing sweets. Moreover, he was a brilliant innovator also.

In 1930, he opened ‘Krishna Chandra Das Confectioner’ shop at Jorasanko. Soon, the given name was altered to "K.C. Das". Within five years, the superstore had impressed a firm position in the Bengali consciousness. Today, K.C. Das & Sons is the title of a much admired succession of confectioners stretch across Calcutta.
K.C. Das created a sensation in the world of sweets and confectioneries. There are many syrup sweets in K.C. Das's shop, such as 'Singara', 'Nimki', 'Lalmohan', 'Chamcham', 'Mihidana', 'Seeta Bhog', 'Jilipi', 'Amriti', 'Darbesh', 'Ksheermohan', 'Rosomalai' etc. The shop also sells curds and 'Sandesh'. Another remarkable feature of K.C. Das's shop is the 'Diabetic Sweet' which has impressed the diabetic patients highly.

K.C. Das is the only establishment in the kingdom of sweets, where sweetmeats are not made on red-hot ovens but with the help of steam.
Browse By Famous Catagories
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