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Konark Temple

One of the most well known temples in India, the Konark Sun Temple or the Black Pagoda is located at Konark in Orissa. This temple is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The temple was built by King Narsimhadeva of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty in the 13th century. The temple is dedicated to the Arka or Surya who is the Sun god.
The temple has been built in the form of a chariot of the sun god and is embellished with heavy decorations. The chariot is shown to be drawn by seven horses and running on twelve exquisitely decorated wheels. Each and every inch of the temple is decorated with myriad depictions of birds, animals, dancers, lovers, hunts, court lives etc. the traceries and scrollwork in the temple are very fine and make the temple very exquisite and superior.
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