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Kofta Curry

Koftas are popular throughout India. They can be vegetarian or non vegetarian. They are made using fine lean mince or finely chopped vegetables which is blended with herbs and spices and made into balls and cooked in regular curry.

To make kofta curry, heat oil in a pan and fry vegetables (onion, carrot, cabbage, beans, peas, potatoes), along with garlic and salt, red chili powder, coriander powder and garam masala. Then add cooked lentils, tomato juice and water and simmer until lentils are cooked. Drain vegetables. Process vegetable/lentil mixture just a bit to make a chunky paste and combine with finely chopped peanuts, eggs and breadcrumbs. Form into balls and bake in oven at 375F for 15 minutes.

To make the curry, heat yogurt and buttermilk in a pan. Grind coriander, cumin, channa dal, fenugreek seeds, turmeric and dried coconut in a grinder. Add this mixture to the yogurt. Then add ginger and chilies. Next add salt and other spices as per taste. Now heat 2 Tablespoons of oil in another pan and add ½ teaspoon mustard seeds and 5 curry leaves. Add kofta in the sauce. Add the oil to your curry mixture and serve immediately.

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