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Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy was a famous renowned painter of India. He was born in the year 1887 in Bengal. Jamini Roy (1887-1972) was quite inspired from the Kalighat paintings which he tried to model in his own style. He used to draw on folk art of Bengal. He adopted a style of his own from the angular forms and harsha lines from the village Patuas. In his works he only used village dyes. He used cloth and wood instead on drawing on traditional canvas. He also got Padma Bhushan Award in the year 1955.

Some of his famous works includes:

  • Virgin and Child
  • Warrior King
  • Cats Sharing a Prawn
  • Crucifixion with Attendant Angels
  • Kitten
  • Krishna and Balarama
  • Krishna and Radha Dancing
  • Krishna with Gopis in Boat
  • Makara
  • Queen on Tiger
  • Ravana, Sita and Jatayu
  • Santal Boy with Drum
Browse By Famous Catagories
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