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The Indo-Scythians belong to the branch of the Indo-Iranian Sakas, who had drifted from southern Siberia into Bactria, Sogdiana, Arachosia, Gandhara, Kashmir, Punjab, and into parts of Western and Central India, Gujarat and Rajasthan. This phase spans from the mid 2nd century BCE up to the 4th century CE. The 1st Saka King in India, Maues or Moga founded the Saka power in Gandhara, and progressively expanded his supremacy over north-western India. The rule of Indo-Scythian kings ended in India with the final Western Satrap Rudrasimha III in 395 CE.

Indo- Scythians served an important part in the history of India along with the nearby countries. The Scythian groups that had invaded India and set up numerous kingdoms, are likely to have comprised of allied tribes such as Paradas, Bahlikas, Parama Kambojas, and Rishikas.
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