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The Indo-Sassanids, or Kushano-Sassanids or Kushanshas or Indo-Sassanians referred to the division of the Sassanid Persians. This division had founded their rule in the north-western Indian subcontinent in the 3rd and 4th centuries CE at the cost of the dwindling Kushanas, who were evacuated in the 410 CE by the attacks of the Indo-Hephthalites.

This group was capable to reinstate some power subsequent to the Sassanids ruined the Hephthalites in 565 CE, however, their rule declined under Arab attacks during the mid 600’s.

Indo-Sassanids’s wide coinage had legend in Pahlavi or Bactrian, Brahmi. It was at times inspired from the Kushana coinage. The frontage of the coin generally portrayed the ruler with detailed headdress and on the reverse there was either Shiva and his bull Nandi or the Zoroastrian fire altar.
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