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Indo-Gangetic plain

The Indo-Gangetic plains run parallel to the Himalaya mountain ranges. They are large floodplains of the Ganga-Brahmaputra and Indus river systems. The major rivers that form a part of this system are the Ganga, the Indus River and its tributaries- Beas, Yamuna, Gomti, Ravi, Chambal, Sutlej and Chenab. The great Indo-Gangetic plains have four divisions- the Bhabar belt, the Terai belt, the Bangar belt and the Khadar belt.

The Indo-Gangetic belt is the world's most extensive expanse of continuous alluvium that is formed by the deposition of silt by the various rivers. The plains, also known as the Great Plains, are the most intensely farmed areas and ranks among the world's most densely inhabited areas.
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