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Indian Wedding Facts

There is a lot more to the traditions that are followed in the Indian weddings than just rituals. Fun-filled activities and frolics are also an integral part of the wedding. This is where relationships grow and blossom. As we say in India, marriage is not just the union of two individuals but the union of two families. For this, it is very important that members of families become comfortable with each other and start to interact.

All these things involve various naughty activities. The very focussed-upon nowadays is the hiding of shoes of the groom by the sisters-in-law. They hide the shoes and ask for some money in exchange of the shoes.

Activities which are fun-filled also take place after the wedding. Like in the Gujarati community, the bride and groom have to fish out a ring or coin from a dish which contains milk and vermillion. One who wins is said to rule the household. Various other things like wearing the Chooda which is a set of red and ivory bangles that are worn by the bride is very common in the Punjabis. Also, movies have become a source of such knowledge to people who follow all rituals very closely.
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